Cultural Center “Galaktika”

There are no analogs of a similar complex in Russia, abroad. As a rule, everything is completed in a different way: the shopping center is taken as a basis, and already in it entertaining platforms are created. In “Galaktika” all on the contrary: the entertaining directions – a priority, a trade zone – only the application for them. The concept of “Galaktika”, interior design will force guests to believe in proximity to stars and intergalactic space.


The area of the complex is 50 thousand sq.m. Total capacity is 4 000 people. Quantity of seats in the congress hall – more than 1000. The possibility of transformation of the ice arena is provided in the concert hall with a capacity up to 1500 audience. The center is located in the picturesque valley at the height of 540 meters above sea level.

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In the center more than 10 restaurants, bowling, the ice arena, aquapark, 3 cinema halls, pools in aquapark, billiards club, the children’s interactive developing club.

Conference hall – the unique multipurpose space calculated on 1000 seats and designed by the principle of the transforming hall. Thanks to mobile walls and sliding stands the hall is capable to adapt to an action of any format. The conference hall sizes also allow to use it for holding actions of city scale (the area – 1782,80 sq.m.), and modern hardware will provide to guests top-level reception.


The latest movie theater with the most modern equipment. Innovations of world film distribution are available in two 3D – halls on 28 seats.

The Ice arena is open for these admirers of winter and winter entertainments in the Galaktika center. To sweep on mirror ice under incendiary music or to battle teams in a hockey match now it is possible at all seasons of the year.

The bowling is a game for the active and noisy companies. An excellent occasion to meet friends, colleagues or to have a rest all family. You are waited by 8 professionally equipped game paths from Brunswick.

Aquapark. A unique complex of water entertainments in which attractions for visitors of any age united. Four waterslides for thrill-seekers, 12 pools, falls and water guns, a jacuzzi and air geysers are what will for a long time be remembered by the adult. For kids in aquapark the certain children’s town Africa is organized. The open zone of aquapark will become especially popular during the summer period, and in winter season visitors will be able to get warm in a zone of east fairy tale where there is Turkish to boors and sauna.


Beautiful and convenient shopping – one more reason to visit the Galaktika public cultural center. In trade gallery of a complex the whole constellation of big names from the world of haute couture and democratic brands is provided.